With the many individuals who have supported our work through the years in various ways, we thank the most recent and extraordinary contributors:

Thanks to
Jodi Frediani (Social Humpback ID Project) who has represented TerraMar at several conservation-oriented events.

Earth Day 2009! We want to express our sincere thanks to the Santa Barbara Inn for sponsoring our presence at the Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara, California this year. They offer beautiful seaside accommodations and professional conference center facilities that are perfectly supportive of our efforts in the community!

Patagonia for their support and for great business ethics and gear in support of a healthy planet.

We are immensely grateful for the incredible underwater speakers and other technology at
Lubell Labs ... we highly recommend them!

Robin Lindsey and Janette Wilson have shared so generously of their talents and skills to develop this new website; a beautiful new virtual home for TerraMar Research for which we are immensely grateful. Robin has also shared many of her gorgeous wildlife photos for our educational and scientific presentations and they have been instrumental in protecting marine mammals.
Visit Robin's photography site.

Joe Olson of Cetacean Research Technology has provided us with invaluable acoustic consulting. In the field of technology and acoustics, Joe’s knowledge and passion for the acoustic world of cetacean shines through.

Baja Expeditions was very generous in helping us to prepare for our new projects. They have contributed greatly to the conservation of gray whales and their expeditions to see the whales have always led us to a rich source of personal and professional treasures.

Henderson makes dive gear we can’t dive without. In particular, we love their Trilam suits that keep us warm enough to spend extra time studying dolphins underwater – with neutral buoyancy for easy free-diving.

Our logo and associated graphics were generously made possible because of the gorgeous artistry of Christine Lamb Studio. Christine’s commitment to helping animals, as well as her talent, will never go unappreciated by us!

The Wild Dolphin Foundation for protecting dolphins and Wild Side Specialty Tours on Oahu, Hawaii.

Condor Cruises in Santa Barbara has supported our research efforts from their ideal dolphin- and whale-watching vessel, the "Condor Express": a perfect research platform and a more whale-friendly boat than most in both design and operation. Voted the "Best Charter and Whale Watching Vessel in Santa Barbara" annually since 1978, we've found that the Condor Express demonstrates respect for the whales' space (so important to us) while accommodating passengers with a wonderful experience. Another example of where giving space to wild animals can translate to the most special of encounters. Thank you, Condor Cruises!

We also are grateful to Michael Smith of
Gray Whales Count for his dedication to the gray whales of the Santa Barbara Channel and for his assistance with our research endeavors. We also encourage people to volunteer for this group to count whales during their northbound migration of the gray whales each year.

A boat for our research
An RV or trailer for a research base
Computer equipment in good working order, especially laptop computers
Media storage devices, such as Flash Cards and external drives
iPhones, “walkie talkies” (handheld, two way radio transceivers)
Printing Services
Cars, boats in good working order
Sea kayak
Photography and video equipment
Audio equipment

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We thank you!

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